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Good Girls Revolt Main Title

This pitch was for Amazon's Good Girl's Revolt. The premise of this concept was to show the 1970s woman evolving from the 1960s traditional house wife from the kitchen into a much wilder and powerful force. It all starts with a spark, we see the woman letting her hair down and becoming free, liberating herself. The fire represents this change. 

The show is about female reporters that work at News of the Week. They band together to overthrow the sexism that existed in their workplace at the time. Originally the pitch involved a more aggressive take on the Good Girl's revolt, but the final piece moved into a more positive uplifting mood.

Produced at
Scatterlight Studios

Chris Billig

Lead Design, Cinematography
Rachel Brickel

Design, Cinematography, Editorial
Peter Sperrazza

Type Design 
Kenneth Kegley