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The Bastard Executioner / S1

This pitch was meant to focus on the terrain of battle and the main characters inner struggle with what he has become, the executioner. We see people struggling in the mud, suffocating from oppression. Metal bleeds from the mud, like poison, representing the corruption of tyranny and war. Horses becoming almost demented, fighting each other as a metaphor for man becoming more and more animalistic and bloodthirsty. Slowly identity is swept away as the mud and metal cover the bodies of men. Armor is the only thing left behind. The sword becomes an anchor, chaining the executioner into this life of carnage and chaos. The camera then pulls out to reveal a historic relief sculpture of the executioner’s trials, and then into the symbol of the executioner, which then ties into the logo.

Project Breakdown

Rachel Brickel

Lead Designer, Concept Development, Photographer, 3D modeler

Steve Viola

SVP, Creative Direction

Synderela Peng

Additional Creative Direction

Jane Ro

Art Direction

Additional Design

Brien White

Designer; Z brush Artist

Sa Kim

3D Modeler


Final Shot and Produced by Prodigal Pictures