My main goal is to create graphics that are raw. Concept and Metaphorical storytelling are very important to me when branding a brand. 

I work in C4D, Photoshop, AE, Octane, and love to shoot experimental macro shoots / guerrilla style content. A lot of my boards are a mix of my own photography and photo bashing. There is something unmatchable at times in doing things practically. 

Articles / Features

Shape of Water "Escape" Trailer winner of Golden Trailer Awards Best Drama. Winner in the 2018 Clio Awards.

Alienist Main Title Nominated for 2018 Emmy Awards.

Work Featured at 2016 Art of the Pitch Style Frames Conference in NYC 

Work Featured on Art of the Style Frame


Featured on Motionographer as Fabrik Portfolio Winner


Nominated by PromaxBDA for Teaser


Work Featured on PromaxBDA Brief